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Focus Community. Empowering the Local Community

The Young Adult Leadership Programme (YALP), based in FOCUS,
finished this month with a Graduation night for Participants. The programme was
funded by Peace III and lasted for a total of four years. The project was a
Partnership approach between FOCUS, Omagh District Council, WELB and Omagh
Forum for Rural Associations.

Ulster Herald article on the Our Town Omagh launch

Omagh District Council

Omagh District Council is one of 26 local authorities in Northern Ireland. The Council has a range of roles and functions

Peace III

The main aims of the PEACE III Programme are to reinforce progress towards a peaceful and stable society and to promote reconciliation by assisting operations and projects which help to reconcile communities and contribute towards a shared society for everyone.


The Department for Social Development has strategic responsibility for urban regeneration, community and voluntary sector development, social legislation, housing, social security benefits, pensions and child support.

Community House

Omagh Community House is home to a range of community and voluntary groups who provide services to the local population. Within this dedicated space these groups can share resources, information, skills and knowledge so that they can provide a better service to their clients and member groups.